At Luto we're committed to challenging and changing health communications on a global scale through engaging with patients, experts and our clients to produce clear communications.

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Committed to excellence.

Founded in 2004, Luto (Leeds University Testing Organisation) has a team of world-leading experts creating clear health information – for patients and healthcare practitioners. Everything we produce is tested with real people to make sure it is easy to use.

We keep people at the heart

of everything we do.

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Health communications with impact

Luto are experts in writing and designing clear health communications. Our evidenced based approach and unique ‘Audience Design’ service means that users will find your communications easier to use.

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Evidence based user experience enhancement

Let us help you understand how users interact with your communications or device. We offer a range of study methods and tools. Our academic links mean that we can design any study to meet your needs.

Making communication happen.

We're delivering market leading healthcare communications for some of the world's leading healthcare and pharmaceutical brands. 

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