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Taking part is simple.

Here at Luto, we help companies design health information that is clear and accessible to everyone. We then ask people to check that the information is easy to use.

When you take part in our research, your feedback helps us to improve the information we design. This means that you might just help another person to understand their health information.

Once you've given your valuable feedback, we will pay you for your time. 


Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you. 

Thanks for submitting!

By completing this form, you give your consent for Luto to store the information that you have provided. For further information visit our Useful Information page.' to When you submit this form, Luto will use your details to contact you about studies you might be able to help with. We will store your information on our database for our use only, we never sell data to third parties. To find out more or to request for your information to be removed from our database, visit our Useful Information page.

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