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Thank you for taking part

With your help we’re making another donation to the National Literacy Trust to help give a child their first book this year. In a book, children can discover new worlds, meet new people and learn about the past. It can spark their imaginations and help them develop empathy.

This also helps improve health literacy through preventive measures. Health literacy matters because health information should be understandable and accessible to those who need it. And being able to read confidently is a massive part of that.

We will be sharing how much we have raised on our LinkedIn page on New Years so if you are interested, you can follow us by clicking here.


To learn more about the National Literacy Trust then please click here.

We've been working on ourselves

Amongst the indulgence this festive season, we've been looking at ourselves and seeing if there are ways in which we can make what we do at Luto, simpler, clearer, and easier to understand. In the new year we will be sharing what we have been up to and can't wait to show you. To stay informed, follow us on LinkedIn by clicking below.

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