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Professor Theo Rayner

Academic Advisor


    Professor Raynor has worked for 40 years at research, practice and policy level in the UK, US and Australia. Now Professor Emeritus at the University of Leeds, he previously led a highly active practice research programme. This work was complemented by his input into Luto, which he co-founded in 2004.


    In his now part-time role, Theo continues to combine research on medicines use and medicines information for patients with his academic advisor role at Luto. His current work includes advising on the development and testing of clinical trial results lay summaries – he is a member of the Europe-wide ‘Roadmap Initiative’ which is working on further guidance for producing these summaries. He is also a member of the international CIOMS working group on patient involvement in development and safe use of medicines.

    Theo also holds honorary positions at the Universities of Sydney and North Carolina.

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