Meet the team.

Our highly skilled and experienced team consists of a range of people, including: information design specialists, graphic designers, writers, medical information experts, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, project managers, interviewers and academics.

Linkedin WM copy.jpg

Wayne Middleton

Chief Executive

Linkedin GS copy.jpg

Gill Smith

General Manager

Linkedin CM copy.jpg

Carolyn McKelvie

Research Manager


Chris Cheshire

Creative Director

Linkedin DP copy.jpg

Dr David Potter, PhD

Research and Innovation Manager

Linkedin JB copy.jpg

Dr Jenny Barker, PhD

Project Manager

Linkedin RB copy.jpg

Rachel Bell

Project Manager

Linkedin ZH copy.jpg

Zara Hussain

Project Manager

Linkedin MS copy 2.jpg

Matty Smith

Project Manager

Linkedin PB copy.jpg

Pete Bouvier

Social Media Content Consultant 

Linkedin JR copy.jpg

Janice Read

Research Assistant 

Linkedin KW.jpg

Krystina Wardman

Research Assistant